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Church, Masjid

Not only the Temples, the village also homes a Masjid and a Church. While the Church is constructed in late 1980s, the Masjid is quite old and its present structure’s construction dates back to 1935. The Masjid right behind the Grama Panchayati.

The date of construction of the original Masjid in the village is not known. But its renovation was funded by Niazm Government of Hyderabad in 1935 at the initiative of the then Tehsildr of Manthani Taluk Janab Syed Shah Ali Nasri. He persuaded Nizam Nawab to donate a sum of Rs.2200/- (a considerably large amount during those days) . In addition to this, the Muslim community of the village do have an Idgah also. The Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb constructed the Idgah in 1687 AD during his military campaigns in Deccan, especially on Golkonda