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Seeleswara and Siddeswara Temples

No recorded evidences are found supporting the origination of these twin temples stand highly / grandly and allowing a panoramic view of the surroundings.

Local elders remember to have heard that there were two army chiefs in the army of King Prola?II who defeated Gunda Raju of Mantrakootam. It was these two Commanders of King Prola?II who built these twin temples in memory of their victory over Gunda Raju. This folklore also goes to say that these two commanders also built the Seela Samudram, a pond further west to the Ravula Cheruvu.

These twin temples were subsequently renovated by a local resident Shri Loke Ramanna (who later took Sanyasam and known as Shri Ramanandendra Saraswati Swamy, thereafter) in 1942. He added a small temple of ‘Jagadguru Shankaracharya’ right in between these twin temples and installed the Shankaracharya’s idol carved in marble stone.

Both the temples are located on an elevated platform and gives a grand look. Constructed with stone pillars with beautiful figures carved thereon, these twin temples very much stand in line with the Kakatiya Architecture.

The principal deity of both these temples is ‘Lord Shiva’ in the form of Shiva Lingam. In both the temples Goddess Paravati is in the back corner of the garbha griha, and Lord Ganesha was before the Garbha Griha. As the tradition goes, there are Nandis and Dhwaja Sthambhams in both these temples.